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Monday, February 12, 2018

New Blog! January and early February 2018

Because we were successful in fitting 13 Egyptian vultures (and one Spotted eagle-Lesser spotted eagle hybrid) with GPS transmitters in Oman in January 2018, we have decided to create a separate blog just for the eagles we are tracking.  If you want to go back to see what the eagles did before this blog existed (i.e. during 2017), you'll have to visit the Egyptian vulture blog   If you are particularly interested in these eagles, you may want to follow this blog by clicking on the button to the right of this post or follow us by email (See also to the right of this post.).

The map below shows the movements of the two eagles since they were first fitted with transmitters in Oman in January 2017.

Movements of two Steppe eagles during Jan 2017 (Oman)-Jan 2018 (Saudi Arabia).
My last blog about the Steppe eagles was on 26 December 2017.  Since that time, the eagles have remained in the area of the rubbish dumps at which they have spent the whole of the winter so far.  One eagle, 105, has spent the winter near the town of Abha, in SW Saudi Arabia, and the other, 162312, has spent its winter NNE of Riyadh, in central Saudi Arabia.

Movements of Steppe eagle 105 during the winter of 2017-18 near Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Movements of Steppe eagle 162312 in central Saudi Arabia, north of Riyadh.