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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Has migration started?

 by F. Al Lamki, M. McGrady, B. Meyburg & A. Spalton

It's been a rather quiet summer.  All birds migrated to western Kazakhstan, and settled into territories. Some did not send any data for long periods because those territories were outside the GSM network.

These are the dates of the latest locations:

182 - 23 August

183 - 26 August

184 - 5 August

185 - 25 August

186 - 20 August

187 - 22 July

222 - 8 August

It seems that migration has started for some individuals.  A Steppe eagle was seen on Farasan Island, Saudi Arabia a few days ago, and one being tracked by a Kuwaiti team has moved from summering areas mostly in western Kazakhstan to a location just north of the Caucasus, near Stavrapol, Russia.  183 may be the first of our tracked birds to make a move.  Below is a map of its movements since 1 June.  From 1 June to 7 July, it was quite settled, but then went on an excursion.  It retuned to that initial settlement area on 3 August, but just passed through.  It then headed NW until 7 August.  Since then it has made its way SW, and is currently just west of Beyneu, Kazakhstan.

Movements of a Steppe eagle during 1 June - 26 August 2020.