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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Migration has started!

by Faisal Al Lamki, Mike McGrady, Andrew Spalton and Bernd Meyburg

Some of the Steppe eagles we have been tracking have started to migrate!

So far at least three of the tagged Steppe eagles have moved away from the wintering area, and headed north (See map below).  This includes 105, which was first fitted with a tag in January 2017, and has spent the last two winters in SW Saudi Arabia.  A fourth eagle is likely on its way as it has not reported in since 25 February.  At that time it was almost at the Oman-Saudi Arabia border.

First movements of three satellite tracked eagles away from their wintering locations.
The gaps in locations are due to the lack of GSM networks in that area, so the tags were not able to upload their data.  They will fill in those gaps, if they stay within a network.  The difference between 105 and the others, is that 105 logs a location every hour.  The others were logging every 10 minutes, though we have now switched those to also log a location every hour.

Consistent with the start of migration documented by these tracked birds, counts of Steppe eagles at the Raysut dumpsite being conducted by biologists at the Office for Conservation of the Environment are declining


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