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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Both Steppe eagles on migration

I'd been waiting to have more information on the eagle movements before blogging, and now almost a month has past.

Steppe eagle 105 spent the early part of the month on the border between Iran and Iraq (see previous blog post).  On about 8 March it started to migrate, but apparently because of lack of GSM network, it did not upload data.  The next time we heard from it was on 20 March, and by that time it was in Turkmenistan.  During 20-22 March it continued northward into Uzbekistan, and we received our last location south of the Aral Sea near Muynak.  Since then it has probably gone into another GSM hole and we have not heard from it.  Nor has it had a chance to upload the data from the trip between Iraq and Turkmenistan.  The map below shows the data we have to date.

Movements of Steppe eagle 139 during March 2018.
Steppe eagle 162312 finally made a move, too.  On 27 March it left the area of central Saudi Arabia, where it had spent the winter of 2017-18, and started on migration.  By 29 September it had already reached southern Iran, about 30 km west of the town of Shush (See map below)>.

The movements of Steppe eagle 162312 as it starts on its spring migration.

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