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Monday, March 5, 2018

Steppe eagle migration has started

On 17 February one of the Steppe eagles (105) we have been tracking for just over a year left its wintering area in SW Saudi Arabia and started on migration.  In doing so, it leap frogged over the other Steppe eagle we are tracking, which is still at its wintering location in central Saudi Arabia.  105 arrived on its wintering area (which included a rubbish dump) in mid October, so spent about four months there (if you want to look back at what that bird did over the winter, you'll have to visit https://egyptianvultureoman.blogspot.co.at.  Since leaving its wintering area, it has travelled about 1600 km.  Currently it is in southern Iraq on the border with Iran.  It is quite close to the Iranian town of Abadan.

I guess that the other Steppe eagle will start moving soon, so revisit this site to keep up with the progress of both.
Steppe eagle 105 (red) started its migration on 16 February.  162312 (blue) has yet to start migrating.

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